I Have Arrived

Hello, there!

My name is Ana, and you have chanced upon my blog.  It’s basically ‘the life and times and blunt opinions of an LDS opera singer’ thing.  Meant to be fun, informative, and a little wacky, I hope it lives up to expectations.

Yeah, I’m LDS — we’re also called Mormons, but I tend to prefer ‘LDS’.  It stands for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Which means, yes, I’m a Christian.  And it’s awesome.  One reason I began the blog is to show people that we aren’t creepy, scary, daft, or any other negative term.  There are insane stories — magic underwear, anyone? — and I’m here to show you what it’s like to live my standards in a world that isn’t so keen on things like that anymore.

And opera singer.  I’ve loved opera since I was fifteen years old.  No, not the Phantom of the Opera (though that is an utterly amazing musical and I love it to death).  I’m talking Mozart, Verdi and Handel.  And lesser-known ones like Bellini and Meyerbeer.  I’m a lyric mezzo-soprano, and I don’t really know how to explain it in non-opera lingo.  I’ll think of that eventually.  I want my voice lessons back, but school comes first, unfortunately, so I do my sit-ups and sing as I walk home from work.  And Joyce DiDonato is amazing.  Look up her renditions of Rossini’s Una voce poco fa — the woman is beyond fantastic!

I’m also a writer.  I know that’s kind of a generic term, but I’ve been blessed with a mother that’s also an English teacher.  I just finished my first novel and am dreading editing it.  I don’t write fluff.  My stuff is gritty and emotionally warped, but I try to bring the characters from the lowest point possible back into hope.  Kind of like life.

And since I’m starving, I’m going to go put something together and eat it.  I don’t like cooking, but I think I can manage a sandwich and a cup of V8.  Cross your fingers that I won’t blow up the kitchen.




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