Character Spotlight — Marguerite

Having finished Metamorphosis, in which Marguerite is one of the principal characters, I really miss her and her story-sharers.  So I decided to introduce you to her.

What does she look like?

IT'S EVEN HER HAIR.  COLOR AND EVERYTHING.  (Of course, it's never perfect, but I never thought I'd find something so good for Marguerite!!!)

She is very petite, with cinnamon-colored curls framing her sweet, heart-shaped face.  Her eyes are hazel, large, and slightly slanted.  She’s got a delicate upturned nose and a little rosebud mouth.  She always seems to have a smile on her face.  Having grown up alone, her clothes are ragged and worn-out — not to mention filthy.  Were she living in the modern day, she’d probably wear pastels and feminine cuts.

What is her role in the story?

She’s really the peacemaker of the group.  They’ve all been thrust together and would probably have carried out their dark thoughts of murder if she hadn’t been there.  Sweet and happy, she has a stubborn streak and is fiercely protective of those she cares about.  She helps to mend the rag-tag band of misfits, but their world is turned upside-down when she is turned into a Vampire, suddenly becoming her former friends’ most lethal enemy.

Does she have any special abilities?  If so, what are they?

She is a Changeling, and her change is that she is able to sense the feelings of others.  It frustrates her to no end when her friends are in sour moods, especially as what she feels is then affected.  As a Vampire, she doesn’t lose her abilities, but gains those of a Vampire, making her extremely dangerous.  She also learns to semi-control others’ emotions, shifting them so her victim feels exactly what she wants them to.  She never becomes fully adept at this, much to her companions’ relief.

If she met me in real life, how would she react?

Marguerite has a big, gentle heart and there is no one she meets that she feels hatred towards.  Seeing inside others has taught her the importance of souls, and she couldn’t hurt someone if she tried.  She would probably start asking you all about your life, reading your emotions and accidentally telling you what they were.  It’s when her heart stops beating that things change — if she met you as a Vampire, you’d be her dinner.

M-Marguerite....  *wails and sobs and melts into acidic puddle*

How did she grow up?

She doesn’t have any family, and as a Changeling, she had the stamina to survive in the world even as a small child.  She travelled around Tir, but because of her emotion-reading abilities, it’s difficult for her to be too close to unsuspecting humans.  (Seriously, that girl has no filter).  It’s a relief for her to be around those that understand what she is, due to the fact that she doesn’t have to worry about them discovering what she’s capable of and turning against her.


If she went to Hogwarts, what House would she be in?

Griffindor.  She’s kind, brave, and considerate, and far shrewder than you would suspect.  She would probably be enthralled by Hermione and watch her as if she were running experiments on her.


And since I’m terrible at thinking up questions, I’m going to stop there.  I really don’t want to do my sit-ups tonight.  Why can’t I just magically have an amazing diaphragm?



P.S. I really wish I could show y’all the hilarious conversation between the poor college professors as they tried to figure out video messaging.  But my mom said ‘no’.  But suffice it to say it was funny.


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