Why Listening to One’s Mother is a Good Idea

Almost a year ago we moved.  It was one of those really hard life changes that takes everyone a ton of getting used to, y’know?  On top of that, money problems started getting worse, and my voice lessons with Jennifer Welch-Babidge went bye-bye.

(Jennifer Welch-Babidge.  She’s crazier in real life, trust me).

Jenny is amazing, and I was so blessed have lessons with her.  My mom has taught me all the building blocks, and it’s thanks to her that I’m as good as I am now.  But she’s a full-on musical theater girl and opera is a foreign world.  So my parents paid for me to have Skype lessons with Jenny (LOOK HER UP IN FIDELIO.  NOW), and Mama made sure that I was being good and doing what I was supposed to.  Being stubborn and lazy, I went about my merry life without doing sit-ups and practicing every day, but I still devoted time to sitting down at the piano and plunking out my arias every once in a while.

Then we moved, money got tighter, and lessons ended.  I really don’t mean to complain, but it wasn’t easy.  I have a great life, but this was a scratchier bit.

But here comes the point I have been leading up to.

My mother told me to continue practicing.  I didn’t.

Eventually, I started doing sit-ups almost every night.  Your diaphragm is the most important factor when singing.  You can almost kind of fake lacking anything else, but if your belly isn’t strong, you got nothin’.  So I thought I was doing myself a service and I would be able to sing like the angels of Heaven when I actually got around to practicing.


I had started work, was busy, and didn’t practice despite everything my mother has ever told me.

I sat down to sing two, three weeks ago and I found, to my fear, mortification, and all-consuming horror, that I had lost ‘the knack’.  While I could explain in a heartbeat what it was like to sing, my technique had diminished so much my voice was like a withered flower.  One of those ones that you touch and it falls apart.

And I have to perform next Saturday.

I’m trying desperately to get my voice back — my mom assures me it’ll come.

But if I had been diligent in taking care of my instrument, this would not be happening.

This is why I should listen to my mother.

Disney Frozen Elsa picture #DisneyFrozen

Cheers!  (And woes).



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