I Have Returned

Wow, it’s been a bit, hasn’t it?  I was in North Carolina for two blissful weeks, spending time with my dear, dear friends the Westmorelands.  Our families are so close, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

They didn’t have any internet, however, and to be perfectly honest, I was fine with that.  We played on the keyboard and Sarah showed me a beautiful parody of Hakuna Matata.  It’s called Avada Kedavra and I think Sarah’s at the point that she wants to turn back the clock and not show it to me.  I’m obsessed.

So basically this is another quick hello, seeing as my brain is half asleep.  Just letting y’all know I’m not dead, just very happy and as insane as usual.

Oh, and pictures.

(Playing with dresses).

(No, Sarah was not getting married).

(Me and April).

(The infamous keyboard.  I never expected that girl to pick up piano like magic).

(I won).

(Death by Twister.  If you look close enough, you could probably see the ankle braces I had on).


(I know there are fish in that river.  I want the fish).

(I had never seen anything like this waterfall.  It looks demure, simple and generic in pictures, but when you’re standing beside it, you can’t help but be struck with awe and wonder at its power and beauty).

(Us with the waterfall.  Despite the cold — and I hate cold — I didn’t want to leave).

(It was a true land of fantasy and magic).

(It was weird to be the only brunette).


(Mr. Darryl tried getting a piece of icicle for me and a whole sheet of them fell and collapsed.  It was both tragic and awesome).





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