More Snippets

Boring title.  I lost my brain again.  But hey, it gets the point across.

All right, so I’ve been working on the three books I’ve picked to be written first — and editing Metamorphosis, which isn’t quite as fun as writing it was — and I have to say that the Robin Hood/King Arthur Retelling is rolling along quite well.  Dream Dancers and I are staring at each other from across the room, wondering which move the other is going to make next, and To Befriend a Vampire is hiding under a blanket and pretending it doesn’t exist.  It’s giving me grief.

When in doubt, blame the fairies.

Nicholas looked at Piper. Her eyes were round with awe, and she glanced hopefully back at him.

Fine. The gaze of those innocent blue eyes somehow shot straight to his heart. It wasn’t as if there was anywhere else for them to go, anyway.

So fine.

“All right,” he snapped at the fairy. “But if you try anything – anything at all – I will not hesitate to kill you in the most brutal ways possible.”

-To Befriend a Vampire

Glaring up at them, she demanded, “What do you want with me?” They were wide, burly men, the one who had carried her obviously older than the other. They both had broad, bearded faces, though the younger one had a very childish quality. They were filthy, their clothes tattered and their hair ragged. The older had dark curls streaked with grey, and the younger red-brown strands that shone almost golden even through the dirt. “Who are you?”

-Robin Hood/King Arthur Retelling

Valkyrie was sweating, bent over with her hands against her knees as she panted. Her long hair was caught up in a thick braid atop her head, but it still swung to her hips. Her make-up would have been smeared, but she only wore waterproof for this very reason.

Licking the inside of her lip piercing, she straightened and turned off the music. She had choreographed the wildest swan dance ever encountered. Tchaikovsky would either be shocked or pleased – hopefully both.

-Dream Dancers


Every sense Nicholas possessed was heightened more than usual as the magical creatures giggled and whispered around him as they skipped happily through the trees. Nicholas made sure to follow Laureila’s every step along the strange road, glaring at any fairy that came too close and baring his teeth in warning. They just stared back with twinkling eyes, showing no sign of fear, which irked him further.

“They won’t hurt you,” Laureila said with a light laugh. “They’re just curious. Humans don’t often come here.” He saw her glance at him over her shoulder for a moment before she added, “Or those that were once human.”

-To Befriend a Vampire

He watched her for a long moment, saying nothing. “I want the people healed.” As he spoke, his voice rose with passion. “I want to see my son allowed to make an honest living. I want to be able to afford bread on a table in a house that shields my family from the wind and rain. I want to be able to eat a meat dinner without being sent to prison – I want you to fix this.”

-Robin Hood/King Arthur Retelling

Who cared? Dusty thought the end of the world was coming because her sister wasn’t going to college. If she herself freaked out over every insignificant thing, she would be miserable. More miserable than she already was, she amended with a sardonic grin.

-Dream Dancers


He had to stop as soon as he crossed the threshold, blinking rapidly in the blindingly-bright light. He could hear pattering feet and airy giggles surround him as the rest of the fairies dashed into their home, but he was incapacitated by the light. He was so accustomed to only being in the dark he felt as if some part of him had been violated.

-To Befriend a Vampire

Kay’s face was hard and thoughtful, and Arthur watched him carefully. When his brother wanted to say something important, he never spoke without carefully constructing exactly what he wanted to express. Arthur had learned to be patient. “I think you have to earn it,” he said, his deep voice an unconscious growl. “Remember when we used to practice swordplay? We weren’t very good at first, especially you. But we kept at it and now we’re unbeatable. Despite our natural talent, we had to work hard to earn our respect as warriors. You have to earn your place as king.”

-Robin Hood/King Arthur Retelling


Dusty looked over and laughed. She had heard a moan and a thunk, and was not disappointed to see Ryce’s head lying in misery upon her homework, her blonde curls spilling across the table.

“Ah, finals,” Dusty chuckled. “I can’t say I would ever miss them.”

-Dream Dancers


She led them up steps carved straight from the tree. Nicholas was glad his condition gave him exceptional balance for the stairs were narrow, tall, and without railing. As they climbed higher, his stomach started to constrict and his body seemed to increase in temperature, even if he knew that wasn’t possible.

“Nicholas?” Piper said, and he dared a glance at her. Her forehead was puckered in a worried frown, and she said, “Are you okay?”


Laureila suddenly turned, her expression stricken. “I am so sorry, Nicholas,” she said. “I forgot heights make you uncomfortable.” Nicholas wanted to kick her off the stairs as humiliation tore through him.

-To Befriend a Vampire


In the corners of his mind, he noticed they were entering a thick grove of trees – nothing uncommon. But as soon as he was engulfed in its shade, his head snapped up and his mouth dropped open in a desperate attempt at receiving air. A constricting hand had grasped his heart in a vise-like grip, making it impossible to breathe. His vision blurred, becoming grey and filled with smoke, and he wondered if he was passing to the afterlife. Then, through the mist, a vague form of darkness appeared, and as it approached, it solidified into the silhouette of a lithe woman, her long, straight hair blowing in the ice-cold wind. His consciousness swirled into blackness.

-Robin Hood/King Arthur Retelling


Djin caught his breath. “Finally.” Dropping his tools, he dashed out the door, Tsuyoshi beside him as they raced toward what they called the lighthouse. It was the special room on the edge of the mansion that was whatever Dusty saw. It was as if they were sitting in her eyes. Crashing into the room, they flopped down on the red velvet couch Hugo had insisted occupy the place.


Suddenly a burst of excitement came inside Dusty’s mind. Vague shouting sounded, and it was as if the presences in her head increased in attention. Well, at least they weren’t heathens.

-Dream Dancers


I guess that’s all until I get myself together and drag Nicky out into the open.  And I might slam Hugo over the head with one of my wrist braces while I’m at it.  It would be fun.




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