Sisterhood Award

My amazing Tracey tagged me for this.  Her blog is awesome, folks, so you should go check it out.  (And thank you, Deb, for teaching me how to add links subtly.  Check out her blog, too, guys.  Tracey’s right about her awesome Marvel dreams).

Anyway, as always with these things, there are rules to add to the fun.

-Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.

-Put the award logo on your blog.

-Answer the ten questions sent to you.

-Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.

-Nominate ten blogs.

So seeing as the first two steps are done, let us proceed to the third:

1. What book world would you like to live in?

Warning: Tracey’s questions are both the best and worst.  Simultaneously.  Wow, this is a hard one….  To me, the best books are those where I feel at home.  When I finish them, I feel empty inside, like I’m homesick.  That’s how I judge a book.  And going by that, I would have to say Arthurian England.  Not just England, but the Other World.  The place adjoining ours where magic is the norm.  The world divided into the Seelie and Unseelie courts, where anything is possible and where I feel that my heart belongs.

2. Favorite flower?

Pansies and roses.  Rose is my middle name, and to me, they’re the epitome of elegance, grace, and beauty (you can also probably thank Beauty and the Beast for these thoughts and opinions).  And pansies were one of the first flowers ever identified to me.  I just think they’re awesome.  My mom bought a little clay egg that supposedly had a pansy seed in it, and the blasted thing never grew.  My favorite flower failed me.

a bit of floral loveliness for the afternoon tea tray

(Is this not a gorgeous picture?)

3. Name a friend who’s like a sister to you, and if you like, share a memory.

Sarah Westmoreland.  We’re so close that we say we have multiple-body disorder.  Memory?  Gosh, we talk almost every single day, so that’s a lot of memories to sift through.  One of my favorites was when I traveled down to North Carolina to visit her and her family and she and I just sat on the couch downstairs, reading through written things, looking over Victorian Trading Company magazines and just discussing life.  Plus when she showed me the Harry Potter Hakuna Matata parody, Avada Kedavra.  She wishes vehemently that she’d never introduced me to that wonder of a video.  It’s pure gold, guys.

4. Dream ride?  (Could have wheels, wings, or legs).

Whoa.  I have no idea.  Does time-travel count?  At the fair, I love the swing ride.  Y’know, the one where they sit you in a plastic swing with a metal bar loosely across you and you just go in a circle in the air as if you’re flying?  Yeah, that one.

5. Favorite book character you’ve met recently?

Mika.  Without a doubt, Mika.  I follow Mirriam Neal and for JuNoWriMo she did an Alice in Wonderland rewrite called This Curious Madness.  I had the unparalleled privilege of betaing it, and while I loved the world, Alice, the Hatter, the Jabberwock — well, basically everyone but Jack — Mika was my favorite.  I’m going to try not to tell too much, seeing as I haven’t had permission or anything from Mirr, but Mika is one of those special people that you feel honored to know.  All the heartbreak and hurt he’s been through, never knowing if there’s going to be light at the end of the tunnel still didn’t diminish his personal light.  Who he is, while broken, is capable of healing in the most beautiful of ways.  If I had to name one person from that book who was a hero, it would be Mika.

6. What song is playing in your head right now?

Those of you who have read the end of This Curious Madness will get why One Knight from the Wonderland musical is there now.

alice in wonderland card concept

7. Favorite historical time period?

Blinking heck.  Deb, I blame you for this one.  I don’t know….  I love it all.  But I really love studying ancient cultures.  They have so many ties to my beliefs, and seeing how secluded peoples lived their lives fascinates me.  I also adore studying America’s revolution, and yet another one that I want to delve further into is medieval England.  Oh, and we mustn’t forget King Gongmin’s rule in Korea.  (Faith, anyone?)

Cute Lee Min Ho - Faith (Korean Drama) 신의 @Samantha Ripley.  Here's your favorite Korean man!

(My man).

8. Would you prefer to live in a hobbit hole or Rivendell?

Tracey!  Gosh dang it!  Why do you ask such hard questions?  Man….  I honestly have no idea, partly because I’m a lousy person who hasn’t read any of Tolkien’s stuff.  Can I have both?  I love the splendor of Rivendell (and the name sounds like ‘river’ which reminds me of adventure and the miracle of trout), but I love the coziness of the hobbit holes.  And their tunnels.  Can I just combine both?  At the top I’ll have a beautiful Elven castle, and underneath will be my own private maze with cushy chairs and lots of pantries.

9. Describe your everyday makeup, if you wear any.

This is easier.  I usually go between black eyeliner over the water and tight lines with mascara and a Japanese rocker look.  But I do tend to play around with make-up on Sundays, altering my look depending on my outfit or my mood (and the fact that I can’t go to church dressed like Aoi from the GazettE).

Aoi, the GazettE


10. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate.  Just chocolate.  Not chocolate truffle, chocolate chunk, ya-di-yah.  But our father has trained us well to go to Dairy Queen, and I am in love with their cotton candy blizzard.  My sister’s response when she was asked how it was after she had tasted it was, “Sexy.”

Ooh-hoo, now the fun part.  I get to give y’all questions.

1. What is your passion?  (Basically, what is the thing you love to talk about most?  What drives and inspires you?)

2. If there was one character you would like to be for a day, who would be your choice?  Why?

3. Favorite hair color?  (It could even be unicorn pink.  I won’t judge).

4. Favorite summer treat?

5. What’s your favorite movie/story and why?

6. What is your role in your family?  (Are you the peacemaker, the bug-slayer, the counselor…?)

7. What is your proudest accomplishment?

8. Favorite season?  Why?

9. What’s your favorite food — and can I come visit and partake of it with you?

10. What are the qualities you look for in a spouse?

And the tagging:

Shelby Ence



And I’m super sorry, but I still don’t know that many of you.  Please feel free to take this and run with it, and I would love it if you would give me the link to your answers in the comments.




4 thoughts on “Sisterhood Award

  1. You know, I think Olivia introduced me to that Avada Kadavera song XD
    As always, you are brilliant and hilarious! I freakin love you girl!
    But.. do you have to tag me in everything? XD It’s your fault I have a blog in the first place. Do you have to keep rubbing it in my face by like, reminding me?
    Oh well, I have to go now so I can answer your questions you evil tormentor.
    Keep being awesome, and remember that you are the absolute coolest!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      Yes, yes, I must tag you because your thoughts are precious and the world must know how amazing you are. This is my mission in life, you understand.
      Shelby, you’re just as amazing. Stop it. ;D


  2. *huggles post*

    Ooh, Arthurian England–take me with you! 😀 That is a gorgeous flower picture. Oh, I love the swing ride too! (I actually meant the question as means of transportation–certain kind of car, dragon, horse, etc. But I didn’t specify that very clearly… Never mind, I loved your answer!) MIKAAAA. D’: That combination of Rivendell and hobbit tunnels is STELLAR. I would totally live there. *nods*

    Oh goodness, those questions. o.o I just whipped up a bunch of random stuff off the top of my head, but you’ve got some deep ones. They’re great! If I didn’t already feel like I do way too many tags, I’d nab them and do this one all over again. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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