An Ode to Black Nail Polish

Top 10 Black Nail Polishes - going through such a black nail polish phase this summer

(Not my hands.  And I use Sally Hansen’s Black Heart polish).

O dear polish, black as night

You make my heart to take to flight

You shine in light like polished stone

And comfort in the dark unknown

When I paint my fingers pink

I stop and look and then I think

Of what I would do without my paint

The very thought near makes me faint

Normalcy would be my guide

My spikes and leather I may hide

No kinship with my j-rock boys

I’d be bereft of all my joys

When I take it off for church

I shock myself as I then search

Forgetting that my hands must be

Clear for that Gospel which is dear to me

But when I return and late that night

I polish my nails and make things right

I once again do feel complete

As I gaze upon my polish sweet.

Sorry, I had way too much fun here.  I took my black polish off before my shower and shocked myself when I later caught sight of my bare fingernails.  So I figured I’d have a laugh and type this down.  And don’t go thinking this was pre-planned, because for the most part it was whim and guesswork and I finished up with googling for rhyming words.  I’m never going into poetry because I stink at it.




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