Quote Queste — Operation Blame Lody

My dear, dear friend Melody (we all just call her Lody) challenged our group of friends to take the quote she had provided and whip up a short piece related to one of our WIPs.  Notice the word “challenge?”  I have a difficult time resisting that little word, so here I am.  But before I begin, I have to tell you go to check out her blog.  She’s a lovely, amazing individual with an unlawful amount of talent (and wisdom).  Feel free to — nicely — stalk her.

(Isn’t that picture gorgeous?)


Valkyrie shuffled into the kitchen, her wet hair in knots and her favorite red blanket wrapped around her.  She couldn’t sleep.  Taking the biggest mug from her arsenal in the cupboard, she filled it with water and shoved it into the microwave before rooting through her boxes of teas.  She finally settled on a peppermint one as the electric box beeped.  In a haze of exhaustion, she plopped the teabag into the steaming water and sat down to wait for it to be steeped enough.  It was three o’ clock in the morning and she had had a rough day.  All she wanted was rest.  But no — she had to be awake.  For no particular reason.

She rubbed her face with one hand, the other still holding her blanket around her.  Unless someone was dreaming about her.  It happened occasionally, and here in Dusty’s mind the fabric of reality was stretched and reshaped in strange and inconvenient ways.  Taking her tea with her, she marched down the hall.

Djin was awoken by someone shaking his shoulder.  “I’m up, I’m up, Tsuyoshi,” he mumbled, turning his face deeper into his pillow.  He felt as if he hadn’t had enough sleep, but his adopted brother was a very reliable alarm clock.

“Valkyrie’s at the door,” Tsuyoshi said, pushing hard on his shoulder in an attempt to roll him over.

Groaning, Djin lifted himself up on his elbows and glanced at the clock.  3:14.  What?  “What’s she want?” he asked, his words running together with exhaustion.  Now that he knew what time it was, there was no way he was getting out of bed unless it was an emergency in which Dusty was on fire or in otherwise mortal peril.  Tsuyoshi opened his mouth to respond when Valkyrie herself strode into the room, a cup in her hand, a blanket around her shoulders, and a scowl on her face.  It was strange to see her without her thick make-up, even if he couldn’t really see her through the dark.  She then flipped on the light.

“Yah!” Djin cried, covering his eyes before burrowing back under the blankets.  “What’s the matter with you?”

She gripped the blankets and pulled them off him as he glared up at her.  “Were you dreaming about me?”

“I don’t know,” Djin responded irritably.

“Well, Hugo wasn’t,” she said, her voice bitingly mocking, “and Tsuyoshi wasn’t, and seeing as there are only four of us in Dusty’s mind, you’re the only one left.  Cut it out and let me sleep.”

All the pieces eased into place through Djin’s weary consciousness.  She must have been awake in his dream, rendering her unable to rest.  “I’ll do my best,” he retorted, unable to keep a little ice out of his voice.  “I’d like my blanket back now.”

She shoved it back over him, turning and stalking out as Tsuyoshi called out a tentative ‘goodnight.’

Okay, that’s that.  Thanks, Lody, that was fun!




2 thoughts on “Quote Queste — Operation Blame Lody

  1. We are so alike, you and I. Someone says the word challenge and we can’t say no. 🙂

    Awwwww, thank you, darling! (The ‘feel free to -nicely- stalk her’ made me laugh.)

    OOOH, GREAT SCENE. I like Valkyrie. How could I not with a name like that? 🙂 I need to question you about this story so I’m sure I’m correctly understanding the premise….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Freakily alike. XD We’ll have to have something really big to conquer someday when we run out of little things.

      Well, I figured I’d introduce others to you and they’d thank me for it and we’d all be benefited. XD

      XD Your love for valkyries was actually the majority of the inspiration behind her name. And just so you know, premise and I are still having relationship issues.


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