August Quote Queste — Sirens

Another Quote Queste because I discovered I like them.

Again, I get this from Lody.  I got to talk to her again this morning and it was a wonderful two or three hours.  You’ve got to check out her blog and get into her stories.  Her characters are so flesh-and-blood and the worlds she builds are so realistic, even down to the politics.  Trust me; you will love her.

Now that I’ve told you again how fantastic Lody is, here’s the quote she’s picked for this month:

Silvana clutched her ragged shawl about her shoulders, pulling her dirty, tangled black hair from getting caught between the cloth and her back.

“Half-breed, where are you going?”

Silvana took in a deep breath and turned around to face the smirking fae.  “It is of no matter to you.”

The beautiful young woman sauntered closer, her blonde hair swept away from her face and highlighting her vivid blue markings.  “I can always tell the chief you’re leaving again.  He won’t be pleased, you know.”

Silvana knew her father preferred her to be as far from him as possible.  “Go ahead,” she replied, her voice even and low.  “He knows where I am.”  With that she turned away, slipping into the green embrace of the forest.  She knew every cubit of the way to the ocean — she could walk the path with her eyes closed.  It wasn’t even a path; it was merely the way she had taken for years.  There were only slight hints that told anyone had been there — fewer ferns grew, vines had been pushed to the side, even the animals were used to her presence and didn’t bother paying attention to her any more.

Walking faster than usual, she arrived at the beach in under fifteen minutes.  Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and made her way forward, feeling the soft sand beneath her feet.  Despite the clouds overhead, the ground was still warm.  Eyes still closed, she stepped into the water and let it carress her skin.  The wind from over the ocean engulfed her, wrapping her in its familiar scent and coolness.  She felt free, released from obligation and status.  Out here, she was no longer the mistake of a dead human mother and fae chief father.  She was only one with the waves and sky, becoming a part of this world her people had no love for.

A soft voice carried in the wind, and Silvana opened her eyes, gazing around in surprise.  She saw nothing but sand, sea and sky.  Whirling to stare behind her, again there was no one.  “Who’s there?” she said as the sound grew louder.  She felt almost that she should be afraid, but instead the emotions inside her were those of curiosity and a strange sort of comfort.

A dark head rose from the ocean, and Silvana took a step forward, staring in shock at the creature slowly crawling up the sand.  From head to hips, he looked a man, but where there should have been legs there was a long, shimmering blue tail.  She had heard tales of merfolk but had never dreamed she would come in contact with one.  “Who are you?” she asked, her eyes locked on his foreign form.  His wet hair was plastered against his thin face, and he was looking back at her with thin eyes beneath thinner eyebrows.  His mouth was pulled into a sharp, wicked smile that held no kindness.  “Tell me who you are,” she said, her tone now threatening and dangerous.  As little control she had over her magic, he would not be pleased to experience it.

“Half-breed, I understand?” he said as his gleaming eyes roved over the dusty blue swirls and diamond-shaped markings on Silvana’s skin.

“And you are a merman.”  She knew she should leave, as the merfolk were dangerous to anyone they came in contact with, but it was as if he had invaded her territory — and he was not welcome.

He flicked his tail, showering himself with a few drops of saltwater that caught the light as they fell.  “What’s your name, pretty thing?”

Manipulative.  No one had yet called her attractive, but she knew better than to trust the seafolk.  “Does it matter?” she replied, narrowing her eyes as she pierced him with her gaze.

He shrugged, again waving his tail as he watched her through his long, lazy eyes.  “No, not particularly.  In the end you’ll just be another life come and gone.”

She knew now that she should be fearful.  She took a step back, the water swirling about her ankles with her movement.  “I will live it gladly.  Go back to your soul-sucking ways and never come here again.”  Turning, she ran up the beach, back into the trees.

Not my best, but it was fun.  It’s from a story called Endless that I’ve got on the back burner, one about the half-breed Silvana and the merman Kai, wrapped up in turmoil between fae, humans and merfolk.

And as I wrote this, I listened in part to Sierra Boggess as Ariel.  That woman is the queen of the world.




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